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 A dream that taught me a lesson (copied from my Tumblr)

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PostSubject: A dream that taught me a lesson (copied from my Tumblr)   Tue Dec 21, 2010 3:01 pm

I got accepted into a really prestegious all-boys school in Virginia, and it was pretty much if you went there you were guaranteed a slot in Harvard or Yale. It was a pretty old school, and they had just started renovation so only the 2 lower levels were standing. This only allowed 6 classrooms or so to be in session, so tere were only about 50 boys who went there at the time. There was also a chapel.
It was a christian school.
The normal school day was fine for me (it was sorta like a boarding school, there were dorms too) except for the very first period. They had Bible study in the chapel. But I wasn’t allowed in the chapel, because I was Jewish. The only glimpse I ever got of the inside was between people opening and closing the doors. All first period, I had to sit in an empty classroom by myself, no teacher, and I was allowed a hebrew prayer book if I wanted to pray myself. But I usually denied it and just did my homework.
As simple as it seemed, it made me furious. I wanted to learn about others’ religion. I think the whole storyline is really interesting, especially the etymology of things and the whole spiritual meaning. But I wasn’t allowed to even learn about their religion. I was treated as something dirty or unholy, and I was isolated form the other students.
Needless to say, this pissed me off greatly. So I went to talk to the headmaster, and he basically just gave me the run-around; saying stuff like ‘It’s a holy place, and we want it to be sanctified and pure’ or ‘It’s for your own good; you’ll be more protected against discrimination’. The last remark was quite ironic to me, considering the whole reason I was sitting there was because I was being discriminated against. As I left, he said “You are our most valuble student; you show us that there can be diversity even in a school like this”
Now I got it. I was just a jewel, a collector’s item.
I left and I ended up going to a Jewish school where christians could freely enter and attend.
I just was one of many people who had stood up to the ageless argument against Jews and, well, pretty much everyone else. I’m not saying that everyone is discriminatory and racist against us, but there are people out there who still believe that we are the impure race, and we need this to stop. Unfortunately, it’s going to take a while but if more people like the dream me stood up for the cause, we might be able to stop it a little bit faster.

This dream really taught me a lesson. That everyone is special, and they should be respected because their beliefs are unique. And that makes them unique.
There's so much discrimination in this world; against Muslims, against Blacks, against Homosexuals, Emo, Goths, Overweight people, People with mental illnesses, even Jews still. And if we just continue to let it fly, or to discriminate against them ourselves, then that's not solving anything. We need to act.

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A dream that taught me a lesson (copied from my Tumblr)
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