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 The best five minutes you could ever spend.

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PostSubject: The best five minutes you could ever spend.   Sat Jan 22, 2011 11:34 pm

While searching in my basement for old VHS tapes I came across my "secret box" that I has when I was 12 maybe 13. In said box I found an old fan fiction that I wrote all by myself. I typed it in it's original English to preserve its historical value.

Place: Common room
Harry: so what we going to do this year to risk our loves guys?... *turns around* guys? *pokes them* guys? Guys? *sigh*
*hear giggles*
“and here comes sexgod skipping marryly from fred’s dormitory. Wonder what they were doing, guess they made up eh? Eh?”
“well I’m gonna go get Ginny! OK do you hear me? I’m going to go now…”
When Harry got to the library where ginny was “studying” and he walks in on ginny stripping. In frount of DEAN “when she sees him she says “harry, you know my family needs the money….”
“Whats next! Snape charming Dumbledore with a majical Jacussi?!”
Snape out of nowhere says “Who told you!”
“Er… right. FINE Ginny! Go off and sex people see if I care!”
“My love Costs… sorry Harry”

I am Roes, or am I?
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The best five minutes you could ever spend.
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